Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What does your breath have to do with being obese?

This article on Science discusses how a person's breath may indicate his or her susceptibility to obesity.
The breath test measures hydrogen and methane, and found that higher concentrations of both correlated with higher body mass index and percentage of body fat.  Researchers believe that these results point to digestive issues that make people more likely to retain the calories they consume.

Interesting stuff.


Nothy Lane said...

Yes it sounds like an interesting article...but I have a weight problem because I overeat. That's it. I notice when I eat at home my protions naturally start to allign themselves with normal-sized portions but when I eat out, I get more and more used to (and less filled by) the huge restaurant portions.

I do love this blog though...I get a lot of encouragement from it. I am not always a commenter but I am always a reader. Keep up the good job!

kathyj333 said...

Hey, Thanks for stopping by.