Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Lots of Exercise Today

Did 45 minutes of walking DVD and 40 minutes at the gym. That's 85 minutes of exercise today.

The wind is blowing like crazy here. My wind chimes are really making music today. Well, I mean the wind chimes hanging on  my house. I imgaine you could take that a couple of ways. Anyway, moving right along. . . .

Today has been productive.


Susan said...

Well, let's see...we just might have things that sway in the breeze and we have certainly all "tinkled" before, so...oh yeah, moving right along.

Seriously, it's been super windy here in Roanoke also. Thumbs up on the exercise. I'm hoping to get back in that groove soon. Glad you're feeling positive. It helps so much, doesn't it?

kathyj333 said...

Thanks Susan. Exercise does help you feel better. I hope you can get back into soon, too. Take care.

Kassiebby1124 said...

Found your blog (: I like it. I just made one, too. I'm 18. If you wouldn't mind following mine as well, that would be really cool (: Also, I love the wind <3