Thursday, November 29, 2012

Starting Over Again

In another hour or so, I'll heading off to the doctor to not only get some prescription refilled, but to talk diet. This is another part of the overhaul I'm making to my life. And it's damn time.

Pull over. I'm getting off here. 
Some parts that I'm working on are going smother than I thought they would. Oh I don't expect no complications—I'm refinancing my mortgage and anyone with a mortgage knows how smoothly that goes. But financial documentation aside, I expect my future to be much better than my past. 

So anyway, back to the doctor visit—I expect to get a diet plan today that I will follow and the support I need to get me to my goal—losing 80 pounds. I'm absolutely sick of where I am in life. And the only way to change it is to, well, change it.

I've been running in circles too long. I've made a commitment that I've discussed in some recent posts that I intend to keep. So here I go for part two of "Starting over Again." 


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I find you really inspiring. Thanks for posting this.